Posted by Tom on 2008-12-10

Just had time to dash this off before heading out. I’ve already said a thank you to the team at Barquin, so I better not forget others who’ve helped out along the way!

Many thanks to Dr Nic for the early work in getting Hobo running as a gem, and for those super cool TextMate tricks. And to Mathijs and Matt for many fixes and tweaks here and there. And of course Mr. James Garlick for a ton of commits in all areas of Hobo, contributions to the docs, and for making Hobo look good both on the outside (the Clean theme) and the inside (James is my API aesthetics consultant!)

Also a shout to Jason and Joel over at i5labs. These guys helped me out with a Hobo project that I got too busy to finish. If anyone out there needs development or help with a Hobo project, drop i5labs a line - they know what they’re doing.

Also thanks to Pete Ferne and the boys at Jiva, for choosing Hobo for Beanbag, and for the many contributions to Hobo which they funded. I am going to do a proper post about Beanbag at some point - promise!

Finally a big thanks to everyone in the wider Hobo community for their involvement, large or small.

Merry Christmas – or whatever you will be celebrating – to all!