Hobo 0.8.5 - bugfix release

Posted by Tom on 2008-12-09

I’ve just released Hobo 0.8.5. There was a problem with running Hobo as a gem which slipped into the short-lived 0.8.4 release. A few more fixes made it in to this release too, mostly in the new permissions system.

See the changes for the details. As always, remember that Rubyforge takes a good while to catch up, so gem update hobo might not work for a while. You can download the gem files from Rubyforge manually though.

That’s pretty much me done for the year – I’m taking some time off now. And what a year it’s been. Progress has accelerated dramatically since our sponsors Barquin International came on board. We wouldn’t be remotely close to where we are now, especially in terms of documentation, without their support. So I’d like to say a very big thank you to Owen and the team over at Barquin.

It feels like we’re in great shape for a very exciting 2009 with Hobo. Just in time for the meltdown of the entire global economy. Heh - you win some you lose some : )