The Hobo Cookbook is not The Hobo Cookbook

Posted by Tom on 2008-10-28

…because, it is growing into a general home for Hobo documentation.

You may have noticed we have a nice new look thanks to James. You may also notice an innocuous looking link in the top right – “Taglibs”. Yep - we now have a nice online reference to the tag libraries. Before you get too excited, many of the tags don’t have proper documentation yet. If you look here you’ll see that many of the tags are in a light grey - those ones don’t have a doc-comment in the source code yet. We’re working our way through them.

At the moment tag names don’t come up in the search, but on that same page you can use your browsers search-in-page, because every tag is listed.

The great thing about having a single home for both the recipes and the reference docs is that we can add all sorts of cool cross linking. Every tag in the reference section could link to “Recipes that show this tag in use”, and recipes could have the tags clickable so you can go right to the reference material for that tag.And of course everything is user-commentable.

Later we’re also going to add “Tutorials” and “Hobo Manual” sections. It will be a one-stop-shop for all your Hobo Documentation needs *smile with tooth-bling*.