Lighthouse lights up

Posted by Tom on 2008-08-05

It’s a funny thing that when someone offers to pay you to work on something, they tend to want to know what you’re up to. I did tell Owen over at Barquin that I could get the whole thing wrapped up from a beach in St. Tropez and that I’d be back in three or four months, but I could sense that the idea didn’t go down too well.

So we need a bit more visibility, we need it to be clear where we’re going and what we need to do to get there. Of course we need this anyway, to make it easier for folk to contribute to the project. We need to blow the cobwebs off our trusty Hobo Lighthouse.

Tis done! head over there and see how neat and tidy it all is : ) And if you think you’ll be keeping an eye on the tickets, and maybe even filing your own now and then, be sure to read the home page which explains how we’re organising the tickets.

The idea is that we’ll track pretty much everything as tickets, not just bugs and feature-requests, but bigger to-do items such as testing tasks and documentation that needs to be written. I’m not sure everything like that is in there right now, but most of it is.

In other news, we’re long overdue a release. This one is going to be 0.8 because it’s got some cool new features. I was hoping to get it released this week but that looks a bit doubtful now. I see that I’ve got 28 open tickets so I better get cracking!