The Fools!

Posted by Tom on 2008-01-25

The kind fools at the Ruby Fools Conference have invited me to give a presentation on Hobo in Copenhagen on April 2nd. This will be the third time I’ve stood up to talk about Hobo and both times it’s been really difficult to cover such a big topic in a short time. So I made a suggestion – how about a railsconf style three hour tutorial? To which they replied with an enthusiastic “yes!”.

Three hours should be enough time to build a complete Facebook clone and still have time for a relaxed chat about Danish history. Well, um, it should be enough time to build a decent demo app and get some experience with all of the main features of Hobo. Excellent! The tutorial is scheduled for March 31st, which I believe is the day before the presentations start. The tutorial is in addition to the one hour presentation which is on the 2nd.

Would be great to meet some more of you Hobo people face-to-face.

If you’re coming, say so in the comments :-)

Should be fun!

p.s. As I’m writing this the details they have for me on the conference website are kinda broken, and my face is that of a white fuzzy blob. Should all be fixed up shortly :-)